Wall Park upgrade

We’re upgrading Wall Park in Linden to make it a better place to play. It’s been a collaborative process with local school children to come up with the design plan, and we’re excited to start construction soon.

Old swing sets and basketball hoop at Wall Park, Linden

About the project

The purpose of this project is to upgrade Wall Park, creating a good quality neighbourhood playspace at the northern end of Linden.

In 2019 we undertook extensive engagement with students from Linden and Tawa Intermediate schools and enabled children to participate in the application of real-life projects with a focus on the Wall Park site. This work was supported by the Tawa Technology Trust.

The concept design for Wall Park features many of the children’s ideas, including:

  • Flying fox
  • Nature play
  • Climbing equipment
  • Garden planting
  • Use of slopes for slides
  • Lawn and open spaces
  • Pathways to equipment
  • BBQ* 
  • Picnic tables*
  • Park benches*

*The design includes a BBQ, picnic tables and bench seating, but it is important to note that these items are being funded through community fundraising initiatives and will be implemented once funding has been sourced. This may mean these components are delivered after the initial park construction.

Concept Design

Design concept for Wall Park including playground features such as flying fox, monkey bars, nature play, accessible claw swing, embankment slide, swings, BBQ and picnic facilities

Kiwirail has now completed the installation of a chain link fence along the northern boundary of Wall park. This was a response to community concerns raised about the safety of children playing in Wall Park due to its proximity to the railway tracks.

Next Steps

Construction is planned for mid-November and will take a phased approach.

  • Phase 1: earthworks, removal of redundant equipment, site preparation and install of play equipment
  • Phase 2: Planting will be undertaken in April/May 2021 as is a more suitable time of year for planting
  • Phase 3: Installation of fundraising components once the funding has been sourced. This includes the BBQ, picnic tables and park benches

The contractor commissioned to undertake the park construction is Open Spaces Ltd and play equipment is currently being ordered from PlayCo. 


Working with students:

With guidance from Council urban designers, the students developed concept design plans for a revitalised Wall Park. The students carried out community surveys, site analysis, design thinking workshops and developed their ideas through the exploration of design technology. A celebration of their work was shared with the wider community in October 2019. 

Our student engagement aims:

  • Collaborate with our young people on a real-life place making project.
  • Educate students about design thinking, real life process/ways of working.
  • Engage students with industry professionals, and exposure to career possibilities.
  • Student contribution to their own community enhances a sense of ownership and belonging within Linden.

Read more in the Education Gazette (259KB PDF)

Public consultation

13 May – 24 October 2019: Engagement with students from Tawa Intermediate and Linden Schools

24 October – 7 November 2019: Wider consultation was undertaken at Tawa Library and the Linden Social Centre seeking feedback on the issues and opportunities for Wall Park. 

The students concept designs were on display at the Tawa Library with the consultation boards.

Project timing

Construction is scheduled to start mid-November
Planting day: Mid 2021 (dates TBC)

More information

Matthew Beres, Play Spaces Specialist
Parks, Sports and Recreation
Email: playground.upgrades@wcc.govt.nz