Land Changes Under the Proposed Bill

Land included in the draft Bill.

Figure 1


Figure 1: Land included in the draft Bill

If the proposed Bill comes into effect, the land identified in Figure 1 will comprise the Wellington Town Belt, being:

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Boundary adjustments

As well, there are several areas where boundary adjustments are needed to recognise the situation on the ground. For example, where formed road passes over the Town Belt. These are:

Weld Street, Wadestown.

Figure 2


Figure 2: Upper Weld Street

The upper part of Weld Street is located on the north-western corner of Te Ahumairangi Hill. Upper Weld Street is a formed road of which one side is an encroachment on the Town Belt. The strip of land concerned needs to be removed from the Town Belt and declared legal road.

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Brooklyn Road and Nairn Street, Mount Cook.

Figure 3


Figure 3: Brooklyn Road and Nairn Street, Mount Cook

Corner of Washington Avenue and Brooklyn Road

The area involves two parcels of land at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Brooklyn Road. The sites are subject to the Town Belt Deed. It is proposed that both sites would be removed from Town Belt and declared legal road. This would include the road frontage adjacent to 181,183,185 and 187 Brooklyn Road. 

Corner of Nairn Street and Brooklyn Road

Two small areas on either side of the electricity substation are isolated from the Town Belt. It is proposed that the land on the corner of Nairn Street and Brooklyn Road (Pt Lot 9, DP 10508) be removed from the Town Belt and become road reserve. The land on the corner of Nairn and Thompson streets (Pt Lot 11, DP 10508) be removed from the Town
Belt and sold.

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Connaught Terrace.

Figure 4


Figure 4: Connaught Terrace

When Connaught Terrace was surveyed and built, a small 154 sq metre triangle of land (Lot 3 DP 10337) was isolated from the main Town Belt. It is proposed that this land is removed from Town Belt and sold. 

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Liardet Street, Berhampore.

Figure 5


Figure 5: Liardet Street, Berhampore

The defined legal road does not follow the existing formed road in this area of Liardet Street from the intersection with Priscilla Crescent running alongside Macalister Park. The existing road will be declared legal road. Several private properties at the top end of Liardet Street (opposite Macalister Park), all have access encroachments over Town Belt land connecting through to Liardet Street. The section between these properties and Liardet Street will be removed from Town Belt and declared local purpose reserve (road) to enable these access ways to be legalised. 

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Mount Albert Road, Berhampore.

Figure 6


Figures 6 and 7: Mount Albert Road / Volga Street

The stretch of road from the Mount Albert Road / Lavaud Street intersection through to the Volga Street / Jackson Street does not follow the alignment of the legal road on Town Belt land. This will require several areas to be removed from Town Belt and some to be added. 

Volga Street, Island Bay.

Figure 7


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Lookout Road, Mount Victoria.

Figure 8


Figure 8: Mount Victoria lookout

The square-shaped land parcel surrounding the lookout was originally used as a signal station by the Harbour Board and subsequently vested in Wellington City Council for road and Pleasure Ground purposes. The Council will return the land to Town Belt and legalise the road looping the summit. This will involve declaring the formed carriageway as legal road, and removing two sections from the Town Belt.

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