The Esplanade Slow Zone

We are improving safety for pedestrians at the crossing point of Shorland Park to the Island Bay foreshore and creating a slow zone for all road users starting in March 2021.

About the project

We will be making improvements at the crossing point to make it safer for pedestrians. The improvements are:

  • A new pedestrian refuge island
  • New broken yellow lines near the crossing for visibility
  • New white road markings
  • Shorland Park Southern Walkway ‘staggered gates’

We will also install ‘slow zone threshold’ road markings and signage at both ends of the Bay (similar to Moa Point and Breaker Bay).

The slow zone still retains the 50 km/h speed limit but advises drivers of the change in roadside conditions and activity with the expectation to observe a slower driving speed for the environment.

The Esplanade slow zone overview map (2.5MB PDF)
Slow zone detail map (570KB PDF)
Proposed slow zone visualisation (490KB PDF)


The improvements follow a request by the Island Bay Residents’ Association in 2019 that Council install a zebra crossing at this crossing point.

After investigating the site under Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency guidelines, and consulting with the Residents’ Association and community in July 2020, we have agreed to improve the existing crossing pedestrian refuge and install a slow zone in this area.

Contact us

For more information, contact:

Zackary Moodie, Transport & Infrastructure