FAQs on Tawa town centre improvement project

See the answer to frequently-asked questions about this project:

Will new trees be planted in the plaza?

Why are you upgrading the Tawa town centre?

What area is covered by this upgrade project?

What does the project include?

How will the project impact on the surrounding businesses and tenants?

How will the project impact on public use of the space, both pedestrians and vehicles?

How much does the project cost?

How is the project funded?

How long will it take to complete?

How is the work scheduled?

Will I be able to access New World from the west entrance?

Will I be able to walk through the plaza?

Will I be able to walk down the laneway between the plaza and the Community Centre?

Who has been consulted?

How was the artist selected?

Why are the Cherry trees moving to Grasslees Reserve?