Shorland Park play area upgrade

We are upgrading the existing play equipment at Shorland Park in Island Bay in 2021.

A grassy area with swings to the left a large slide in the middle and smaller blue slide to the right. Behind the play equipment are a row of Pohutukawa trees.

About the project

Shorland Park is a community park in Island Bay, with a well-used but ageing play area. 

The play area is due for an upgrade as part of Wellington City Council's renewal programme. See our Play Spaces Policy (2017) for more information.

The approximate budget for this project is $400k.

Scope of play area upgrade

The play area upgrade will focus on: 

  • Location of the play areas
  • Liberty swing
  • Replacing existing play equipment (which doesn't meet current safety standards) with new equipment
  • The basketball hoop 

What’s not included

Changes to the overall layout and landscape are outside the scope of this project.

Other works at Shorland Park

Upgrade of public toilets

We are upgrading the interior of the public toilets on Reef Street, increasing the number of cubicles from three to four. This is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

We are also considering other works to be carried out at a later date, including:

  • Upgrading the exterior façade of the public toilets
  • Installation of an outdoor shower

Band rotunda maintenance

Repairs to the ceiling and remedial paint work will be completed before the end of 2020. Further repair work on the balustrade will be undertaken in 2021.

What's happened so far

During June and July 2020, we asked the local community for their ideas and suggestions about what they would like to see at Shorland Park. 

These were used to shape a draft concept design, which went out for consultation during November and December 2020.

We are now evaluating feedback on the draft concept design and will use this to inform the final plan.


Phase one: Initial consultation (ideas and suggestions) – Complete

Monday 22 June 2020 – Feedback opened
5pm, Monday 20 July 2020 - Feedback closed

Phase two: Second consultation (feedback on draft concept design) – Complete

26 November 2020 - Feedback opened
5pm 17 December 2020 - Feedback closed

Phase three: Final plan

February 2021 - Final plan to be presented to the public

Phase four: Construction

April/ May 2021 - Construction begins