Planning for Growth

Our city is growing. The District Plan will soon be up for review. The decisions we make now, will shape the way we live, for decades.

Between 8 April and 17 May 2019 we asked people to have their say on the pros and cons of four growth scenarios.

The numbers are in, you had your say, and now we know what you want for your city tomorrow.

A breakdown on all submissions and more details on all feedback received can be viewed on the Planning for Growth website.

Our job now is to create a 'spatial plan' which sets the direction for future development, and ultimately helps to re-write the District Plan.

We will want to know what you think about the spatial plan in early 2020, so please stay in touch. By taking part, you are helping us to make the right decisions for our city tomorrow.

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  • February 2020: We will ask for your feedback on a draft spatial plan for Wellington. The spatial plan describes how and where our city will develop based on what you said about the trade-offs in the scenarios
  • June/July 2020: We will refine the spatial plan based on your feedback, and present it to Councillors for their approval
  • Late 2020: A non-statutory Draft District Plan is released for consultation
  • Late 2021: A Proposed District Plan is publicly notified (statutory consultation).

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Diane Livingston, Planning for Growth communications and engagement
Phone: 027 803 0690