Planning for Growth

Our city is growing. The District Plan will soon be up for review. The decisions we make now, will shape the way we live, for decades.

Wellingtonians recently had the opportunity to provide feedback on the Draft Spatial Plan. 

The Spatial Plan is essentially a ‘blueprint’ for the city and sets the direction for future development, and ultimately helps to re-write the District Plan. The Draft Spatial Plan and feedback on Planning for Growth engagement and consultations can be viewed on the Planning for Growth website

We will want to know what you think about the draft District Plan in 2021, so please stay in touch. By taking part, you are helping us to make the right decisions for our city tomorrow.

Our City Tomorrow

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  • Late 2021: A non-statutory Draft District Plan is released for consultation
  • 2022: A Proposed District Plan is publicly notified (statutory consultation).

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Wellington urban region completes first housing and business capacity assessment

Five Wellington Councils have collaborated together to evaluate whether they are able to meet growth pressures until 2047. 

The 30-year assessment looks at Wellington’s urban District Councils (Wellington, Hutt City, Upper Hutt, Porirua, and Kapiti) in order to capture whether current and future growth areas would be able to cater for residential and business growth between 2017 and 2047 in the face of ongoing demand pressures. This is known as the Housing and Business Development Capacity Assessment (or simply HBA).

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Diane Livingston, Planning for Growth communications and engagement
Phone: 027 803 0690