Newlands Town Centre - McMillan Court Upgrade

Artist impression of the planned changes to McMillan Court.

Artist impression of the planned changes to McMillan Court


Newlands shopping centre is being transformed with the redevelopment of McMillan Court car park and public areas.

This upgrade work complements the new supermarket on the corner of Bracken and Newlands roads that opened in 2011.

The changes are helping to create a vibrant, attractive centre for this growing community.

Work started on the project in June 2012, and is now complete.

Goals of the upgrade

  • An improved car park, including good vehicle access and parking space to support the centre's businesses and activities
  • A more pedestrian-friendly area with safe, accessible walking connections and public spaces for meeting people, socialising, sitting and spending time
  • A stronger focus point for the shopping centre and a better sense of place
  • Better connections between McMillan Court and other parts of the centre, including the Community Centre


Work in and around the McMillan Court car park included:

  • a more level car park surface with new asphalt
  • better laid out parking that is time-limited to ensure parking space turnover
  • forty-seven parking spaces, plus 70 car parks underneath the supermarket accessed from Newlands Road (40 more spaces than there used to be)
  • new landscaping and trees
  • new paving, lighting and seating
  • new public toilets.

Improvements in the pedestrian mall area include:

  • new and refurbished benches and planter boxes
  • new lights, landscaping and paving
  • the removal of the old wooden canopy beside the playground - to make it lighter, safer and provide a clearer link through to Stewart Drive.

Other work completed includes:

  • resurfacing a section of the footpath in Stewart Drive and putting in new tree pits
  • resurfacing a section of Bracken Road and creating new kerbs
  • improvements to the Medical Centre car park including a new footpath, kerbs, fencing and lighting.


The Council's Northern Growth Management Framework identified the need to redevelop and improve Newlands town centre as part of managing the future growth and development of the northern suburbs.

Following on from the framework, the Council set about developing a long-term plan to revitalise the Newlands centre shopping and community area.

After consulting with local businesses and the community, the Council developed and adopted the Newlands Centre Plan in April 2010.

Newlands Centre Plan

One of the highest priorities identified in the plan was the upgrade and improvement of the McMillan Court car park area.

More information

Stephen Simpson
Project Manager

Phone: (04) 499 4444