Newlands Town Centre

Wellington City Council, in consultation with the community, has developed a long-term plan to guide the revitalisation of Newlands town centre.


Newlands is an important centre servicing the surrounding suburbs. Easily reached from central Wellington and Johnsonville by bus and vehicle, it provides good schools, parks and reserves and has a variety of community and recreational facilities.

With long-term investment, Newlands could become a thriving community hub with a range of shops and services, as well as a safer and more attractive pedestrian environment.

Newlands Centre Plan

The Newlands Centre Plan (adopted 28 April 2010) outlines a vision for the revitalisation of Newlands centre. It plans for a vibrant, functional, attractive and pedestrian-friendly place with easy access to community services, public transport, and outdoor / recreational facilities.

The plan outlines key principles to guide change and identifies possible development opportunities. Two concept plans show the vision over different time frames.

The short-term vision looks ahead five years and includes:

  • a proposed supermarket development
  • parking and public space improvements in and around the main shopping area.

The long-term vision looks ahead 20 years and presents development ideas. The outcome will depend on the plans of private landowners, but the aim is to allow and help guide private investment.

Newlands Centre Plan


The Northern Growth Management Framework, developed in 2003, identified the need to redevelop and improve Newlands town centre. It also identified the need for a new Newlands Community Centre - this was completed in November 2008.

2006 initial draft plan

The public were consulted on an initial Newlands Town Centre draft plan in November 2006 (123 submissions were received). There was strong support for the plan, but many submitters asked for it to be more ambitious in redevelopment ideas.

Next steps

The focus is carrying out the Newlands Town Centre plan's provisions, including securing funding for key actions and working with key stakeholders and the community to achieve the vision.

Prioritisation and funding will be worked out as part of future Long-Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) and annual planning processes.

One of the first steps is the upgrade and improvement of the McMillan Court car park area, including the public space area in and around the large glass canopy. Foodstuffs (NZ) are also building a new supermarket on the corner of Bracken and Newlands roads.

Newlands Town Centre - McMillan Court Upgrade

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