Mount Victoria / Matairangi Master Plan

We have prepared a Master Plan for Mount Victoria / Matairangi that looks at landscape, future plantings and rate of removal of pines, as well as recreation development and ways to reduce user conflict.

The Master Plan for Mount Victoria / Matairangi is a visual plan for tree management, replanting, and for the management of the track network.



Mount Victoria-Matairangi Master Plan June 2015 (10.2MB PDF)

The plan will help guide the Council’s existing programmes and resources for Mount Victoria over the next 10 years.

Family biking on trail in Mount Victoria.



Mount Victoria is the most popular forested area of the Town Belt.

Informal recreation activities on Mount Victoria are continuing to increase and the most popular activities are walking, mountain biking (mostly cross country and downhill), walking the dog, jogging, orienteering and sightseeing.

Alongside the increase in recreation is the need to manage the vegetation and long-term landscape change, particularly with the aging conifer and pine plantations. Given Mount Victoria’s landscape significance, vegetation management needs to be well planned and gradual, and protect and enhance the visual amenity and ecological connections.

The area included in the Master Plan is defined by the Wellington Town Belt Management Plan, and extends from Mount Alfred north to Oriental Bay.

The Master Plan looks at landscape, future plantings, management of pines, recreation development and ways to reduce user conflict. It includes a 10-year implementation plan to help guide the Council’s existing programmes for track renewals and upgrades, hazardous tree management, pest control and restoration planting in the area.

The Wellington Town Belt Management Plan (2013) identified the need to develop a Master Plan which will also complement and be consistent with the existing legislative framework, including the Town Belt Deed and the proposed Wellington Town Belt Bill.

In preparing the Master Plan, the Council and our consultants talked to people who use Mount Victoria to get a full understanding of how it is used and where conflicts may exist. A draft was prepared and 33 written submissions were received which informed the final plan. 

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