Mount Albert Park dog exercise area

We are creating a new fenced dog exercise area at Mount Albert Park, Southgate, with completion expected in early 2020.

Two dogs looking away from the camera.

About the project

Mt Albert Park is located off the Southern Walkway, near the junction of Volga Street and Mt Albert Road. It is popular with dog walkers, who currently have access to on-leash tracks as well as a large, unfenced off-leash area. 

The project will provide a new asset for the Southern suburbs. It will benefit the local community as well as people coming from further afield to use Mt Albert Park.

Construction is expected to be completed in early 2020.


Wellington’s first fenced dog exercise area was opened at Cog Park on Evans Bay Parade in 2012. It was completed with funding from the Wellington Charitable Vet Fund and Hataitai Residents Association. 

In the 2016/2017 Annual Plan the Council committed to creating three more fenced dog exercise areas over the next two years. The first of these was opened at Ian Galloway Park, Wilton in April 2016, followed by Taylor Park, Tawa in July, 2017 

The Council has been working to identify a third suitable location in the Southern suburbs since 2017.

Planned works

This project aims to provide an area where people can let their dogs off their leashes to run free while keeping them and the public safe.

The new fenced area will increase the overall amount of space where people can walk their dogs off-leash. 

Planned works include: 

  • Creating a new fenced dog exercise area
  • Adding a new off-leash walking track in the bush next to the fenced area
  • Removing the existing bush-covered off-leash area
  • Taking out the existing mountain bike track

The existing unfenced area adjacent Mt Albert Road will remain off-leash.

The main thorough fare footpath adjacent to the area will not be fenced off. 

Map of proposed changes (589KB PDF)

Access and track closures

We will try to keep all tracks open and disruption to a minimum during construction.

Need help?

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