Artist's impression of the Miramar plaza.

Artist’s impression of the plaza outside the Roxy Cinema in Miramar


Te Motu Kairangi Miramar Peninsula Framework

With the help of the local community, landowners, businesses and key agencies, the Council is developing a framework for the Miramar Peninsula. The framework will consider key issues and opportunities facing the Peninsula and establish a vision to help guide future investments and programmes of action on the Peninsula.

The framework will identify key areas or opportunities for more in-depth planning and project development, including development of the northern tip of the Peninsula as a public reserve, as well as opportunities for economic development, employment, visitor and tourism attractions, the celebration of heritage and culture, housing, transport and infrastructure.

The first phase of the framework includes discussions with key parties (eg landowners, public agencies, community and business groups) and identifying key issues and opportunities to inform the development of the key ideas to consider.

The Council has published a draft prospectus to inform any future potential discussions around the development opportunities on Te Motu Kairangi Miramar Peninsula.

Te Motu Kairangi Miramar Peninsula (15.3MB PDF)

Miramar town centre improvements

Park Road / Miramar Avenue junction upgrade

The work to improve Miramar Town Centre is now complete.

The project involved:

  • the creation of a new pedestrian plaza at the heart of the town centre
  • improvements to pedestrian safety in the area 
  • making the town centre more attractive, friendly and usable with new:
    • lighting
    • seating
    • landscaping and street trees
  • refurbishing the historic tram shelter
  • installing a new public toilet.

Special features of the project included:

  • a 'Miramar Peninsula' light projection onto the pavement
  • a Gandalf the Grey sculpture, loaned to the Miramar community by Richard Taylor, Tania Rodger and Fred Tang.

Landscape Plan - Miramar Town Centre Improvements (880KB PDF)

News - Miramar Town Centre Upgrade Complete - 3.09.13


The traditional town centre around the junction of Park Road and Miramar Avenue has seen significant change with the opening of the Roxy Cinema and other businesses in the area.

Previous changes to improve car parking and reduce the speed limit through the main shopping area to 30km/h improved the vibrancy of the town centre. However, there were still some aspects of the town centre that we thought could be improved.

In May 2011, the Council consulted on two preliminary concepts for improving the town centre:

Engagement Summary Report (526KB PDF)

An issue raised by the community through the consultation was the untidy aspect of the old tram shelter. In response to this, and given the heritage status of the shelter in the District Plan, the Council commissioned a conservation plan for the shelter.

The conservation plan provided valuable background on the original design and construction of the structure. This plan and the engagement summary report informed the scope and design of the works that were undertaken during theupgrade.

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