Massey Road - new sea wall

A new 17-metre sea wall is being built at Kau Bay on Massey Road to support the roading infrastructure and stop further coastal erosion.

Aerial map of Massey Road with a highlighted red line indicating the area of work.

In February 2020, a section of the coastal bank in Kau Bay eroded, following a continuous coastal  high-swell period.

This meant that the exposed bank had significant erosion within 0.5-1.2m metres of the road carriageway increasing its risk of instability.

 A new  resilient  17m x 1.9m high sea wall will be built to support the roading infrastructure and to make the area more resilient to further coastal erosion.

What to expect

There will be a one-lane closure throughout the works period.

Construction start date: Tuesday 14 July

Finish date: 31 August 2020

Need help?

Jone Sumasafu – Civil/structures Project Engineer