Lyall Bay Surf Club rebuild

The Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club is replacing their club building with a purpose-built clubhouse that will include public toilets for people using the beach.

Artist's impression of new Lyall Bay surf clubhouse.

Artist's impression of the new Lyall Bay clubhouse

The Council is contributing $1million to the new clubhouse.

Once the new clubhouse is completed, the Council-owned building between the Maranui Cafe and the Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club will be demolished. (This is the building where the public toilets are currently.)

Both of these buildings are currently inadequate and deteriorating.


Mid-October 2016
Demolition of the existing clubhouse is expected to start.

Mid-November 2016: Construction of the new clubhouse will begin.

September 2017: 
The new Lyall Bay Clubhouse is expected to be completed.

Late 2017: the Council-owned building will be demolished.

Map showing the different locations of the restoration work in Lyall Bay.

Map of Lyall Bay restoration work


See a map of Lyall Bay restoration work

This map shows the work on the new clubhouse in context with other planned work in Lyall Bay.

More information 

Visit: New Clubhouse - Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club

Or contact the project team:

Arie Moore, Chairman, Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club
Phone: 04 498 0843