Living Green Walls

Living green walls are great for greening built-up urban areas and narrow spaces where street trees or other types of gardens aren't possible. Civic Square is home to a living wall that has been developed to showcase how these walls can be used in Wellington.

Living green wall installed in Civic Square

Living green wall installed in Civic Square


The 24sqm living green wall has been installed in Civic Square to help show how green walls can be used in Wellington and we hope it will help inspire others.

Living green walls - vertical gardens on the sides of buildings and other structures - have several unique benefits that include:

  • bringing more nature and biodiversity into built-up areas
  • improving the look and feel of buildings and public spaces
  • cleaning the air and soaking up rain water
  • deterring graffiti vandalism (or tagging)

This one contains mostly native plants that are irrigated and fertilised through an internal system. The plants have been chosen to match Wellington's climate and include:

  • Acaena Novae Zelandiae (piripiri)
  • Arthropodium Te Puna (rengarenga lily)
  • Fuchsia procumbens (creeping fuschia)
  • Chionochloa conspicua (hunangamoho - snow grass)
  • Disphyma crassifolium (New Zealand ice plant)

The seedlings were grown offsite, since August 2014, on special 'pillows' which were gradually tilted as the plants grew so that when they were moved into place they were ready to start their new life as a vertical garden.

Timeframe and budget

The $40,000 living green wall was installed in Civic Square in February 2015 and is able to be relocated.