Holland Street upgrade

The Holland Street upgrade will transform the street into a pedestrian friendly environment with better, safer links to streets around Tory Street, Taranaki Street and Courtenay Place as part of the laneways project.

Project delayed

The City Strategy Committee meeting considering the Holland Street Traffic Resolution was held on 15 March 2018. Following comments from a few members of the public, councillors decided to withdraw the paper and ask council officers to do further work.

As a result of this decision, the project will be delayed while we work towards creating a better public space for everyone to enjoy.

Artist depiction of upgraded Holland Street


What is planned

We have allocated funds to create a more attractive pedestrian environment, increase the vibrancy and usability of the space, and reflect the unique character of the area. Proposals include:

  • the creation of safer access routes with improved surfaces and street lighting
  • slowing vehicles to create a more pedestrian-friendly space
  • decorative light installations to strengthen the character of the street and enhance entrances
  • making the street more appealing with planting and street furniture
  • using building facades to create inviting and unique art
  • creating a flexible space that can accommodate temporary events and establish a destination within Holland Street. 


Holland Street has been identified as an area of opportunity to increase pedestrian usage and support local communities within inner city lanes and streets.

The upgrade will be the first contribution towards strengthening linkages to the surrounding main streets of Tory Street, Taranaki Street, and Courtenay Place.

Holland Street has a large number of residents and a variety of local businesses. The upgrade aims to support these existing businesses and contribute to the development of community activity. 

Improving the pedestrian environment, creating a more flexible and useable space, and reducing the dominance of vehicles will encourage visitors to remain and relax.


  • Traffic resolution public consultation: February 2018
  • Procurement: March – April 2018
  • Construction: Starts April 2018 and estimated to take approximately 5 months. Please note, the construction programme is an estimate only and subject to weather conditions.

Laneway projects

Laneways are smaller-scale connections within the street network and are able to offer shorter and more attractive pedestrian routes through large city blocks. Our numerous laneways projects are part of a bigger plan to transform areas of the CBD for now – and for the future – and to improve the walkability of the city.