Cuba Connection refresh

We’ve upgraded the laneway connecting Lower Cuba and Bond Streets as part of the laneways project.

Cuba Connection

This laneway project was designed to create a safer, more inviting pedestrian environment, and to enhance existing character to support a sense of community among local residents and businesses.

It also added greenspace to the urban environment, while improving the quality of pedestrian links with Lombard, Victoria, Bond and Manners Streets.

Planned work

The work included installation of new lighting to brighten up the laneway and make it feel safer.

The area was de-cluttered to make it more accessible and appealing for pedestrians.

The addition of new garden beds improved the visual element of the environment to create a more welcoming link from street to street.


Laneways are smaller-scale connections within the street network and are able to offer shorter and more attractive pedestrian routes through large city blocks. Our numerous laneways projects are part of a bigger plan to transform areas of the CBD for now – and for the future – and to improve the walkability of the Capital.