Coutts Street and Bay Road improvements

Parts of Coutts Street and Bay Road have been improved to create a brighter, more inviting environment for people.


Improvements have been made to Coutts Street with a series of playful and informative new murals, better quality footpath surfaces, new planting and street furniture.
The project aims to improve the environment and create a safer more attractive place for people to live, work and play.

Planned work

Improvements are largely focused on the area of Coutts Street between Onepu and Bay Road. These include:

  • painting two murals depicting local history by artist Sheyne Tuffrey
  • installing a public cycle maintenance stand and pump
  • refurbishing garden beds
  • installing cycle parking
  • renewing street flags
  • footpath resurfacing
  • installing new seats


Work started at the end of June and was completed in August 2015.
Throughout this time you will still be able to access all businesses and homes in the area however, temporary vehicle and parking restrictions and alternative pedestrian routes may be necessary at times.