Lambton Interchange public toilets upgrade

We have upgraded the public toilets on the ground floor of the Lambton Interchange to improve safety, hygiene and accessibility.

Who are we working with

  • Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Exeloo
  • Tracer Construction


August 2021

The upgrade is now completed and the toilets are available for public use.


We’ve partnered with Greater Wellington Regional Council to provide three new automated unisex toilets that will improve public safety, hygiene and accessibility at the Lambton Interchange.

The toilets are a flat-pack, ready-to-assemble public toilet kit tailored to fit the available space so construction time is significantly reduced, and inconvenience, noise and disruption is minimised.

Auto-door features and sensor technology mean the toilets will be hands-free for soap, water and flushing, providing a healthier experience for all.

The upgrade includes the addition of a new accessible toilet.

Work on this project is progressing well and we are on track for completion in late May. Meanwhile, other public toilets are available at the train station. Disruption to commuters continues to be minimal.

More information

Danae Bloxham, Graduate Architectural Advisor