Kilbirnie Town Centre Revitalisation - Current Projects

The eastern footpath in the centre of Bay Road will be widened.

The eastern footpath in the centre of Bay Road will be widened


Public space and streetscape improvements

Bay Road upgrade

Upgrade work on Bay Road commenced on 17 September 2012, and is nearing completion. The Council ran into unexpected difficulties with this work, and as a result the upgrade has taken longer than expected.

Improving Kilbirnie town centre, particularly the main shopping street of Bay Road between Rongotai Road and Coutts Street, is a high-priority action in the Kilbirnie Town Centre Revitalisation Plan.

The improvements will support business and community needs, and help kick-start revitalisation of the town centre by invigorating community pride and private investment. The changes should also improve experiences for everyone using and visiting Kilbirnie.

The works are focused on improving several areas.

Pohutukawa crossing, looking south-east.

Pohutukawa crossing, looking south-east (indicative illustration only)

  • The Pohutukawa Crossing

    We're making it easier and safer to cross here, extending the public space and introducing coastal plants.
  • The Bay Road 'Heart'

    We're improving the public space in the central Bay Road area by widening the footpaths, improving lighting and seating, and introducing new landscaping and coastal plants.
  • The Crossing Near the Community Centre

    We're narrowing the road and raising the crossing to slow traffic so pedestrians can cross more safely and easily at this point.
  • The Coutts Street and Bay Road Corner

    We're converting the car park to a shared space to include some parking as well as making an attractive public space with seating and space that could host markets or other weekend events.
  • Parking Changes

    We're improving the parking layout and changing the time limits to include a mix of 30- and 60-minute parking space, giving you more time to get your shopping done.
Community Centre crossing, looking south-west.

Community Centre crossing, looking south-west (indicative illustration only)


Upgrades to services

We're also taking the opportunity to upgrade some of the older services above and below ground (for example, a new water main, stormwater sumps and new ducting for ultra-fast broadband) to minimise future disruption and ensure more reliable services.

Progress update

The first phase of construction began in mid-September 2012 but stopped during December so that Bay Road could operate normally during the Christmas trading period. The works completed included:

  • repositioning the traffic lights at the Bay Road/Rongotai Road junction to accommodate the new kerb alignments and to meet best practice traffic standards
  • installing three new stormwater sumps
  • resurfacing the footpath and constructing new kerbs on the eastern side of Bay road from the corner of Coutts Street to the large Pohutukawa tree
  • constructing new kerb extensions for the pedestrian crossing points
  • working with service providers to coordinate upgrades to services, for instance:
    • Chorus have installed new ducting for ultra-fast broadband along part of the street (this will be completed in the second stage of works)
    • Wellington Water have installed a new water main along the length of Bay Road.

The second stage of works started in early January 2013 and is focused on completing the new footpaths and kerbs throughout the rest of Bay Road, upgrades to services, and developing the pedestrian crossing points.

There will be disruption to access and parking during the construction works, but we are doing our best to manage this. The Council's contractors will make sure you can access all the shops at all times, but detours may be necessary in places at times.

Coutts Street and Bay Road corner shared space with market.

Coutts Street and Bay Road corner shared space with market (indicative illustration only)


More information

Gerald Blunt
Design Manager

Phone: (04) 499 4444

Public space plan

The Bay Road improvements are part of a wider public space plan that we're developing for Kilbirnie.

This plan will help guide future public space improvements in the town centre. It will identify potential public space and street improvement opportunities to help revitalise the town centre and create a more people-friendly environment where people will spend more time.

The plan guides the design of improvements and sets out a series of design principles:

  1. Establish a sense of identity and vibrancy for Kilbirnie
  2. Introduce sustainable, integrated landscape
  3. Celebrate and endorse Kilbirnie's high street, small-scale character
  4. Create social space
  5. Improve the accessibility and connectivity for all
  6. Improve the legibility (landmarks, gateways, signage)
  7. Capitalise on the surrounding 'draw cards'
  8. Stimulate investment and improve viability
  9. Improve safety, day and night
  10. Integrate environmental emergency response and management
  11. Connect Kilbirnie with the 'coast'

Under the Long Term Plan 2012-22, funding of $559,000 in 2014/15 has been confirmed for stage two of the Kilbirnie Town Centre upgrade. The work will include public space improvements on the corner of Coutts Street and Onepu Road.

Other related initiatives

Kilbirnie Business Network

Local businesses have joined together to form the Kilbirnie Business Network, a local group focused on promoting and developing Kilbirnie town centre as a vibrant shopping and business destination.