Kilbirnie Town Centre Revitalisation - Background to the Plan

Kilbirnie Town Centre Plan is the long-term vision on which the revitalisation of the town centre is based.

Kilbirnie Town Centre Revitalisation Plan

The plan focuses on the Kilbirnie town centre and the immediate and surrounding residential and recreational areas.

Kilbirnie Town Centre Plan Study Area (119Kb PDF)

Research Papers

Information was gathered on larger scale issues, such as the transport network, to make sure there are links to activities and developments in the southern and eastern suburbs.

Issues and Opportunities

Some of the issues that were looked at when drafting the plan included:

  • increasing employment, economic development and housing options
  • the role, function and extent of retailing in the town centre
  • enhancing public transport
  • improving pedestrian and cyclist facilities and safety
  • improving traffic flows and parking
  • creating quality public places and improving building design
  • guiding infrastructure upgrades.

Kilbirnie Town Centre Brochure (823Kb PDF)

Vision and Design Workshops

A series of public workshops took place in August 2009 to help develop a vision and design concept plan.

Workshop highlights included:

  • stakeholder interviews aimed at understanding key perspectives and issues in the study area
  • identification of key principles and values for the town centre
  • presentations on the implications of different starting directions
  • interactive 3-D modelling of development scenarios which were then critiqued and discussed

Consultation on the Draft Town Centre Plan

We sought feedback on the draft revitalisation plan for Kilbirnie town centre during May and June 2010. We received 136 submissions.

We reviewed and amended the draft plan, based on the consultation feedback.