Kilbirnie Town centre revitalisation

View looking down at Kilbirnie Town Centre.

View looking down at Kilbirnie Town Centre


Kilbirnie town centre is a significant suburban area. Strategically located on the transport corridor between the airport and the central business district, the town centre performs an important role as an employment and services hub for the southern and eastern suburbs.

With the help of the local community and businesses, the Council has developed a plan aimed at revitalising the town centre and creating an attractive, vibrant, people-friendly and prosperous part of Wellington city.

Current projects include developing a public space plan and upgrading Bay Road:

Current Projects

Kilbirnie Town Centre Plan

The Kilbirnie Town Centre Plan includes the long-term vision, key goals, a strategy, the opportunities for revitalising Kilbirnie town centre, and the programme for delivery.

Kilbirnie Town Centre Revitalisation Plan

The plan sets out a long-term vision for a more vibrant town centre including:

  • better quality public spaces and amenities
  • more people using the areas shops and facilities
  • more people living and working in the area
  • better access to public transport
  • improved pedestrian and cycle access.

The plan identifies a mix of potential private and public development to help achieve change - some to be achieved within the next 5 years and others over a longer time frame.

For more information on how the plan was developed, see:

Background to the Plan

Time frame and process

We're now at Stage 5 of the process for revitalising the town centre:

Stage 1: Feedback on issues and opportunities

Completed May - June 2009.

Stage 2: Vision and design workshops

Completed July - August 2009.

Stage 3: Test feasibility and develop implementation plan

Completed December 2009.

Stage 4: Consultation on draft Town Centre Plan

Completed mid 2010.

Stage 5: Delivery and implementation

Began in mid 2010 and will be ongoing. The initial focus is on improving the look and feel of the main town centre shopping street (Bay Road) by upgrading the streetscape and key public spaces. We will be doing this work from September 2012 through to April 2013.

More information

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