Karori Road retaining wall and road widening

From September 2015 to July 2016, we widened the narrowest section of Karori Road, between Flers and Lancaster streets, and constructed a strong new retaining wall.

This image show a new retaining wall on Karori Road between Flers and Lancaster streets. The concrete retaining wall has white picket fence along the top to protect people using the driveway that serves houses above the road.

The Karori Road retaining wall completed in mid-2016.

Sections of the old unreinforced wall came down over the past few years and a new wall was needed to support the steep bank and protect the road.

The new wall has been designed to last at least 100 years so we took the opportunity to widen the road at the same time to future-proof this important route. This will provide space for future transport needs, including a possible cycle lane.

The road widening has also improved visibility so it is safer and easier to turn right from Lancaster Street.

The retaining wall is the second new one to be built in this area. The other one, completed in 2014, is outside Samuel Marsden Collegiate School.

The new walls are part of our ongoing programme to strengthen key structures and protect important transport routes.

What's been done 

The work involved:

  • removing part of the bank to widen the road
  • clearing trees and vegetation from the bank
  • demolition and removal of the old concrete wall
  • trenching to put power and telecommunications services underground
  • relocating poles
  • installing long screws to anchor the new wall to the hillside
  • constructing a new sprayed concrete wall
  • installing a new safety fence at the top adjacent to the shared driveway
  • planting/landscaping the area adjacent to the fence


Work started on Monday 7 September 2015 and was completed on time in early July 2016.

More information

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