St John's Church site redevelopment project

This development will create around 40 apartments, with retail and commercial spaces on the lower levels.

Aerial view of St John's site cleared of buildings and surrounding roads.
Aerial view of St John's site cleared of buildings and surrounding roads.

After completing a two-stage procurement process the Council appointed Voxell Architecture and Faisandier Group as development partner for the St John’s Church site redevelopment in Karori's Town centre.

This development plans to create approximately 40 one and two-bedroom apartments, with retail and commercial opportunities on the lower levels. 

Voxell will now begin work on creating a detailed design for the resource consent application process.

More information will be shared with the community at key stages throughout the project.

Background to the development

This site was purchased by the Council in 2000 as part of the Karori Town Centre redevelopment project. We then purchased an adjoining property (6 Campbell Street) in 2017 to make the development offer more attractive and consulted with residents on how they wanted the space to be used. A commercial development at least on the ground floor was decided on as the best way to invigorate the area.

In late 2019 the Council went to market through a second Request for Proposal (RFP) process to select a development partner for the site.


On 16 December 2021 the Council announced that Voxell Architecture and Faisandier Group has been selected as the successful candidate.