Karori Project 2017

The people of Karori and the Council developed a vision for the future of Karori village.

In 2017, the Council and the Karori community came together to develop a vision for Karori. The project involved online engagement and local events. Groups worked to develop a vision for the future. The aim: to be an attractive and appealing place for local businesses, residents and visitors.

The report, Karori: a Vision for the Future, contains the ideas generated and sets out ways to make the ideas a reality.

The report outlines the four 'shifts' which came from the question 'what needs to change in Karori?"

These are:

  • Having Green to Living Green – reflecting the desire to move towards more sustainable ways of living.
  • Outpost to Magnet – reflecting the desire to become an attractive centre of activity rather than an ‘outpost’ of Wellington.
  • Dormitory to Daytime Economy – reflecting the desire to have sustained economic activity in the town centre. This would encourage people to stay, work and shop in Karori.
  • Split to Connected – reflecting both the desire to address the physical disconnection caused by Karori Road and the social disconnection in Karori.


We held three workshops between September and November 2017.

  • The first workshop was to find out what the people of Karori want to change in their suburb.
  • The second workshop shortlisted the projects that can help make those changes.
  • The third workshop connected the community with others who can help the projects take off.


Karori - A Vision for the Future (565KB PDF)

Snapshot of Current and Planned Initiatives in Karori (443KB PDF)

More information

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