Town Centre development

In 2017, the Council and the Karori community came together to develop a vision for Karori.

The project involved online engagement and local events. Groups worked to define opportunities to improve their town centre, to be an attractive and appealing place for local businesses, residents and visitors.

The report, Karori: a Vision for the Future, contains the ideas generated and sets out ways to make the ideas a reality.

The report outlines the four 'shifts' which came from the question 'what needs to change in Karori?"

These are:

  • Having Green to Living Green – reflecting the desire to move towards more sustainable ways of living.
  • Outpost to Magnet – reflecting the desire to become an attractive centre of activity rather than an ‘outpost’ of Wellington.
  • Dormitory to Daytime Economy – reflecting the desire to have sustained economic activity in the town centre. This would encourage people to stay, work and shop in Karori.
  • Split to Connected – reflecting both the desire to address the physical disconnection caused by Karori Road and the social disconnection in Karori.


We held three workshops between September and November 2017.

  • The first workshop was to find out what the people of Karori want to change in their suburb.
  • The second workshop shortlisted the projects that can help make those changes.
  • The third workshop connected the community with others who can help the projects take off.

Engagement documents

Karori - A Vision for the Future (565KB PDF)

Snapshot of Current and Planned Initiatives in Karori (443KB PDF)

Karori Town Centre 2019 and beyond

The Council are planning and implementing projects which were identified as development opportunities by the Karori community. The projects will be phased over several years, and will require planning over the short, medium and long term. The focus will be on improving the Karori Town Centre to create an attractive place to visit, providing comfortable spaces for Karori residents and a destination for visitors.

Map of Karori with development areas highlighted.
Current and future projects in the Karori town centre

Map of Karori Town Centre future improvement and development projects (4MB PDF)

Completed projects

Karori Business Improvement District (BID)
A partnership that builds on the success of the Marsden Village BID to improve the local business environment.

Karori Town Centre Public Space Improvement
Creating attractive, comfortable and sheltered spaces around the Library Square and England Lane, and improving people’s accessibility as they move around the town centre.

An opening event to celebrate the completion of this project took place on 3 December 2022. We had a great turnout from members of the community filled with kai, play, live music and a performance from Karori Normal School's kapa haka rōpu. Councillors Diane Calvert and Rebecca Matthews, and former member of the Resident Association, Lesleigh Salinger, spoke at the event.

Medium-term developments

St John's Site Mixed-use Development
A mixed-use development that contributes to the vibrancy, attractiveness and economic vitality of Karori Town Centre.

First to Zero
Three Waters Project – Wellington Water

Long-term developments

Proposed District Plan

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