Johnsonville Town Centre Plan

Johnsonville Town Centre.

Johnsonville Town Centre.


Johnsonville is the largest town centre in Wellington outside the central city and plays a key role in servicing the northern suburbs.

Wellington City Council has developed a town centre plan that includes significant changes to Johnsonville's retail heart, improvements to its transport systems, and continues its residential growth.

It is estimated that from now until 2031, there will be 2,500 - 3,000 more people living in Johnsonville, 1,300 - 1,700 new dwellings and 3,500 new jobs.

The Plan

The plan outlines a framework for the future development of Johnsonville. It sets out a long-term vision for Johnsonville (looking ahead 20 years) and identifies ways to manage change.

The plan's focus is on future urban development and comprehensively links shops, businesses, housing, infrastructure, community facilities and public spaces.

Johnsonville Town Centre Plan

Key initiatives

The plan identifies a number of key goals for making Johnsonville into a more attractive and multifunctional town centre. They include:

  • Housing - facilitating greater housing choice and encouraging more people to live in and around the town centre
  • Mainstreet - further developing Johnsonville Road as the 'mainstreet'
  • Design quality - improving urban design and building a unique sense of place
  • Entertainment - widening the range of shops and encouraging new leisure and entertainment facilities including cafés and restaurants
  • Compactness - retaining a compact town centre and enhancing its walkability
  • Public transport - making better use of existing public transport systems
  • Traffic - improving traffic management and reducing pressure from through traffic on Johnsonville Road
  • Community facilities - improving the range and accessibility of community facilities
  • Public space - facilitating the creation of a new public space in the town centre
  • More jobs - widening the economic base to include a greater range of businesses and jobs.

The final Johnsonville Town Centre Plan was adopted by Council in November 2008.

Next steps

The focus is now on carrying out the final plan, including getting funding for key actions, changing the relevant provisions of the District Plan, and working with stakeholders and the community to achieve the vision.

The plan identifies a mix of potential private and public development to help achieve change - some to be achieved within the next five years, and some to be achieved over a longer time frame.

The prioritisation and funding of the plan's proposals will be worked out as part of the Long Term Plan (LTP) and annual planning processes.

Long Term Plan 2012-22 - Index

Johnsonville Town Centre - projects

A number of projects - including redevelopments and improvements - are planned or under way for Johnsonville town centre:

In progress

  • Alex Moore Park upgrade

Coming up soon

  • Keith Spry Pool upgrade - the pool will be closed from 17 April 2014 to February 2015.
  •  Johnsonville road improvements to:
    • major intersections and traffic flow
    • pedestrian and cycle safety

In planning phase

For more information on these projects, see:
Johnsonville Projects

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