New Johnsonville Library

Johnsonville Road and mall

Johnsonville Road and mall


This will give a flexible, modern space that brings cutting-edge technology together with more traditional elements.

This building will sit at the heart of the Johnsonville community and be a place for all local residents. We now are engaging with the community further in June to see what they would like to see/use within this space.

The new Johnsonville library will be located next to Keith Spry Pool and the Johnsonville Community Centre.

The alignment of these three facilities, and the final design of the building, will create an integrated hub, establishing a focal point for the Johnsonville community.


The need for a new Johnsonville library was first identified in 2010, following a Council review of community facility provision within the area.

Johnsonville has also been identified as a key development area within the Wellington region. This forecast population growth reinforces the need for an improved library service.

Map of Johnsonville showing the location of the new library.

The yellow asterix shows the location of the new library


Finding a site

In 2011, we investigated four potential sites for the expanded Johnsonville Library. Through a specific consultation and engagement process, the community expressed a preference for the new library to be located next to the pool and community centre, forming an integrated hub of community facilities.


Council first allocated funding to this project in 2012-22 Long Term Plan.

A budget allocation of $16.5 million in capital expenditure was recently confirmed in the 2015-25 LTP.

The big picture

The new library development is a core component of the Council’s Johnsonville Town Centre Plan.

This recognises Johnsonville as Wellington’s largest town centre outside the central city, and highlights its key role in servicing the Northern suburbs.

This plan outlines a long-term framework guiding the development of Johnsonville into a more attractive and multifunctional town centre.

Development objectives

The Johnsonville Library is a flagship community development project for Council. The new library will be much larger than the current facility, and will be a flexible space, capable of serving all of Wellington’s northern suburbs.

The new library will be much larger than the current facility, and will be a flexible space, capable of serving all of Wellington’s northern suburbs.

Next steps

  • We are considering the feedback on parking that we received during public consultation in September 2017.
  • Construction is due to start at the end of this year 2017. We expect to complete the project by early 2019.
  • Council has engaged the iconic local firm, Athfield Architects, to provide architectural and design services for the new library development.

More Information

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