Broderick Road Bridge

A new bridge has been built in Johnsonville over the railway lines on Broderick Road.

The new Broderick Road bridge, under construction.

The new Johnsonville bridge under construction


The bridge, which was built in two halves to minimise disruption, was completed in July 2015.

The new bridge is the third bridge to be built in this location. The first was a single lane timber bridge.  The second - built in 1967 and demolished in December 2014 - had two lanes.


What's different about the new bridge

It is wider than the existing one with:

  • footpaths and cycle lanes on each side
  • four traffic lanes (three at first, with space for a fourth).

It also has a longer span so there is room underneath for a second train line.

A second train line isn't on the cards just now, but the bridge has an expected life of 100 years, so it makes sense to plan for a growing population and future public transport improvements.

Photos and video of the work