Road improvements - Unlocking the Johnsonville triangle

Wellington City Council and the NZ Transport Agency have worked together to make getting into and around Johnsonville town centre safer and easier.

A crane lifts a beam into position on the new Broderick Road bridge.

Lifting a beam into position during the construction of the first half of the new Broderick Road bridge


Johnsonville is Wellington City's busiest retail area outside the central city. The improvements have improved transport connections for all road users and will complement the planned redevelopment of Johnsonville Mall. It is also paving the way for future commercial and residential growth in the area. 

Improvements to Johnsonville roads

The changes that have now been completed include:

  • a wider two-lane off-ramp from State Highway 1 and new traffic lights at the intersection of Johnsonville Road and Fraser Avenue
  • an upgrade of the intersection of Johnsonville and Broderick roads
  • new traffic lights and signalised pedestrian crossings at the intersection of Broderick Road and Gothic Street
  • replacing the Broderick Road / Moorefield Road bridge over the railway lines with a new bridge that is longer and wider, providing cycle lanes and allowing for possible future dual rail tracks into Johnsonville Railway Station
  • improvements to the signalised pedestrian crossings on Johnsonville Road
  • a new path for cyclists and pedestrians to by-pass the two northern roundabouts (at the intersection of Johnsonville and Moorefield roads, and Ironside, Helston and Middleton roads)
  • cycle stop boxes at intersections and cycle lanes
  • a new shared path for pedestrians and people on bikes that runs from the roundabouts, past the pool and Alex Moore Park, to Onslow College and Raroa Intermediate School 
  • better bus flow around the Johnsonville triangle (Johnsonville, Moorefield, Broderick roads), new bus stops on Johnsonville Road and upgraded bus shelters
  • real-time bus travel information.

Plans and roads affected

 The following maps show the main changes made in Johnsonville:


For more information, see our answers to common questions about this project:
Frequently-asked Questions (11KB PDF)Text version (5KB RTF)

Benefits of the project

The benefits of these improvements to Johnsonville roads are:

  • less traffic congestion in the town centre
  • improved walking and cycling connections
  • safer and easier access into Johnsonville and at the intersection of Johnsonville and Fraser roads
  • more reliable bus journey times due to less congestion in the town centre, upgraded bus shelters, and provision for future improvements to bus routes and rail travel
  • commercial and residential growth in Johnsonville will be encouraged, boosting the local economy
  • the work will complement the future redevelopment of Johnsonville Mall by DNZ Property Fund Ltd (DNZ).

News - New Railway Overbridge in Johnsonville - 05.08.14

Project updates

We kept the local community informed throughout the project with regular updates for residents and businesses in the area.

Project Update - Issue 8 (394KB PDF)
Project Update - Issue 7 (152KB PDF)
Project Update - Issue 6 (187KB PDF)
Project Update - Issue 5 (878KB PDF)
Project Update - Issue 4 (215KB PDF)
Project Update - Issue 3 (212KB PDF)
Project Update - Issue 2 (291KB PDF)
Project Update - Issue 1 (233KB PDF)


This project to improve Johnsonville roads was part of the Council’s Johnsonville Town Centre Plan and the Wellington Urban Growth Plan. It has been funded jointly by the Council and NZ Transport Agency.

The settlement and shaping of Johnsonville has in the past depended on transport connections linking the town to the wider region. Economic growth in part depends on improvements to Johnsonville roads to make sure there is good transport flow in and around the town centre.

Many people from neighbouring suburbs – including Churton Park, Tawa, Newlands, Khandallah, Ngaio and Crofton Downs – use Johnsonville as their main place to shop, do business and use recreation facilities.

Transport in Johnsonville

There are three main roads in the Johnsonville town centre, known as the triangle:

  • Johnsonville Road
  • Broderick Road
  • Moorefield Road

Johnsonville’s retail / commercial core and main shopping centre lies within this triangular block.

Traffic through the town centre is a mix of the competing needs of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, and congestion was a problem. 

State Highway 1, immediately to the east of Johnsonville, is the primary commuter and freight route in and out of Wellington City.

Walking and cycling are important modes of travel in and around the triangle. Middleton, Moorefield and Johnsonville roads provide an important connection for cyclists from the north of Johnsonville through the town centre and south towards Wellington City.

Several bus routes operate around the shopping centre. Buses pass through the shopping centre car park via Broderick and Moorefield roads. Buses link with the rail and there is a need to improve this transport hub in the future.

The road works required to accommodate the Johnsonville Mall redevelopment will be carried out as an extension to this project when that work takes place.