Island Bay Seawall Background Information

If you are forming your decision around what options you'd like to see for the area in the Island Bay seawall replacement project, you may find the following reports and concept designs useful.

Traffic count information

The following traffic data shows the most recent traffic count information for streets near the project area:

The above maps show traffic counts for both sides of the street (so the total traffic count for the street would be calculated by adding the two traffic count figures together).

Data definitions

Below are some definitions to help you understand the data in the map:

  • AADT – average annual daily traffic
  • HVC – heavy vehicle count - this is expressed as a percentage of the vehicle count
    Vehicle Class Definitions (156KB PDF)
  • 85% SPD – means that 85% of the traffic count was recorded as travelling at or below the identified speed (this means 15% of the traffic is travelling above the identified speed)

Map of the Council's underground infrastructure services

The following map shows the locations of water, storm-water and wastewater pipe infrastructure in Shorland Park and the surrounding streets. Most of the pipes are still in commission but some pipes in the area have been abandoned.

Cross Sections of Island Bay Beach and the Esplanade

During the consultation process, the Council has had some questions about the height of the seawall and how the height has changed over the years.

The diagrams below show seven different cross sections measured at different parts of the Island Bay beach and the Esplanade. The cross sections show the distance (both the height and the width) between the seawall and the foreshore. The foreshore is the area of beach between mean high water springs (MHWS) and mean low water springs (MLWS).

Environment Committee Report, and Project and Engagement Plans


Early engagement feedback

The document below contains the comments, questions and feedback that the Council received in the early engagement part of the 2013-14 Island Bay Seawall Project. When someone has sent more than one comment, we have numbered the individual comments. We have also tried to categorise the comments depending on whether we assessed the feedback was:

  • advocating for the Council to keep the status quo (i.e. retention of the seawall and the existing road lay-out)
  • advocating for the Council to investigate alternative design options
  • neutral.

Due to the Privacy Act 1993, we have not published the names and contact details of the submitters.

Heritage assessment

The following document is a heritage assessment report completed by the Wellington City Council’s Heritage Team for the Island Bay Seawall.

2006 Island Bay seawall repairs

This report contains information relating to the scope of repair work on the Island Bay seawall in 2006.

Previous Council reports and decisions relating to this project

2009: Island Bay Management Options Report

In 2009, the Council commissioned a report focusing on ecological and recreational values of Island Bay beach and provided recommendations for future management of the beach and dunes.  The Council has been implementing some of the recommendations from this report.  

2006: Prioritisation of upgrades

In April 2006, the Council considered the priority sequencing for upgrading Wellington’s 17 community parks. As a result of the recommendation of the paper, some investment was made for pedestrian-safety-measures parts of The Esplanade. However, many concepts identified for improving Shorland Park and the beach were not prioritised for funding for the 2006-16 Long Term Plan.

2004 - 2006: Shorland Integration Project

The Council looked at options for the long-term improvement of Shorland Park and Island Bay beach. The project involved a public engagement and consultation process. In November, 2005, following community consultation, two concept options were developed as potential solutions for long-term improvements.

1995: Preliminary Review of Beach Management Options for Island Bay

This report was commissioned by the Council. It presented a preliminary review of coastal management options for Island Bay. The author recommended that the Council consider “closing or realigning The Esplanade to allow removal of that part of the seawall that presently interferes with the beach...”. The recommendations of the report were not implemented.

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