Karori town centre plan

Looking at issues and opportunities to improve Karori town centre.

Karori Library cafe.

The café and public space next to the library provide a community meeting point


Issues and opportunities

We've looked and found several issues and opportunities for Karori town centre. We need your help to understand the local issues better and identify any issues or opportunities we may have missed.

Business activities

Karori has a good range of shops and services within the town centre, with no vacant premises. There are some duplicated activities, eg two petrol stations and two mid-size supermarkets near each other.

One potential issue is the limited availability of land or premises for new commercial activities. This may lead some businesses locating elsewhere, making them less accessible to Karori residents.

Community hub and events centre

The library, community centre and recreation centre form a strong community facilities hub in the town centre. The café and public space next to the library also provide a community meeting point. The Events Centre has the potential to add to this cluster of public buildings and to the vibrancy of the town centre. The new building will need to be carefully integrated with its neighbours, with shared car parking areas and pedestrian routes.

Parkvale Road

Parkvale Road is a lateral extension of the town centre with a pub, delicatessen and medical centre. It also has the vehicle exit from the mall car park and some on-street angled car parking spaces.

As commercial space within the town centre becomes scarce, there may be opportunities for more retail units in this area and for the street to become more pedestrian-friendly.

Local character

Marsden Village has a strong identity due to its fairly consistent building character, signage and colour scheme. Its challenge is to maintain its appeal as the original street improvements age.

In contrast, Karori has little consistent building style, signage, street trees, planter beds and footpath materials. The challenge for Karori town centre is to strengthen its identity, reduce the visual clutter and improve its image.

St John’s site

The Council is considering selling the former St John’s Church site on the corner of Campbell Street and Karori Road. The site presents a unique opportunity for new development in the town centre. Any new building in this location would be highly visible and mark the town centre entrance. We want to hear your ideas and vision for this site.

Karori Road

Karori Road is a busy arterial carrying heavy traffic volumes and is also the suburb’s main bus route. We may add priority bus and cycle lanes along Karori Road in the future. However, to do this it’s likely to affect various road users (private vehicles, buses, cyclists, pedestrians and taxis) and we will need to consider on-street parking.

We will consult with you specifically on these projects, later in 2015..

Council’s role in improving the town centre

We have a regulatory role through land-use zoning in the district plan (manages land use in Wellington) and the resource consent process for new development.

Some ways we can help improve the town centre are to:

  • improve street and public spaces
  • set up a business improvement district
  • improve pedestrian safety
  • infrastructure upgrades
  • make better use of council-owned land
  • change public parking time limits
  • work with land owners and developers to enable good quality developments.