Karori as a medium-density housing area

Areas around Karori Mall and Marsden Village have the important features that support successful medium-density development.

September 2016 update

We talked with the community in November and December 2015. Some issues were raised about the draft District Plan Change, which the Council is looking into.

Once this work is done we'll talk with the community again.

Karori has:

  • a town centre with shopping, services and local employment
  • good access to public transport networks
  • room for new residential buildings
  • good access to community facilities, schools and open spaces
  • commercially viable options for developers to produce targeted residential development at an affordable price for potential owners.

Draft Plan Change introducing a medium-density residential area zone (MDRA) in Karori

Influenced strongly by your feedback, we have developed a draft District Plan Change. The document clearly indicates the changes made:

  • a MDRA zone, and
  • the building standards that control development in the new residential zone
  • Draft Boundary Zone Map (PDF)

Draft MDRA zone boundary

We are keen for your feedback on the location of this boundary. We have developed this based on a number of information sources and your feedback. Refinement of the boundary is still possible following this consultation stage.

View the draft MDRA zone boundary map

Draft MDRA building standards

  Current standards Proposed
Building Height 8m 8m, with scope to build to 10.4m in certain scenarios eg, along Karori Road or close to a Town Centre
Building recession planes

2.5m on the boundary and incline of 45o on all boundaries

2.5m and an incline of 56o or 63o
Site coverage 35% 50%
Front yard The lessor of 3m or 10m less half the width of the road 3m
Open space 50m2 per unit 20m2 per unit
Vehicle parking 1 space per unit No change

Changes are also proposed to the Residential Design Guide to help ensure high quality design outcomes. Summary documents of the building standards provide more information on the issues we’ve considered. You can also see more about this project in the following short video presentation.

On average about 12 new dwellings are built a year in Karori and the research tells us that even with a MDRA zone in place, development will still happen incrementally as opportunities arise. The suburb won’t change overnight. With height not proposed to change for most of the draft MDRA zone, greater density is achieved instead by increasing site coverage and reducing the open space requirement.

For properties within the zone regarded as ‘uneconomic’ to develop further, we want to encourage landowners to consider house conversions as one option to increase housing supply. Converting a large family home into two smaller units also has less impact on existing residential amenity and character. 


Future population and housing trends

2008 Karori consultation on Infill Housing Review

We consulted with you in 2008 about potential residential intensification in Karori as part of a broader framework for managing infill housing across the City’s suburbs. Following that consultation, the Council agreed to pursue medium density residential areas in Johnsonville and Kilbirnie (adopted as part of District Plan Change 72) first before it would turn its attention to other suburbs.