Feedback on Karori – April 2015

Submissions for the housing choice and town centre planning consultation closed on Friday 17 April 2015. We received 261 submissions representing 412 people.

The key themes from the consultation are below. A full summary is provided under Submissions.

Medium-density housing feedback

  • Generally people accept that Karori is suitable for medium-density housing; although the capacity of infrastructure is a key concern.
  • The most accepted location for medium-density is around the town centre.
  • Submitters question the impact medium-density housing would have over time on Karori, specifically the local character.
  • Existing features of homes are important; such as setbacks, heights, open space provisions and sunlight and noise controls.
  • Two storeys is the preferred height for medium-density housing.
  • High-quality design and materials are necessary to ensure new housing is appropriate in the local context.
  • Car parking on streets is currently an issue, and new development should not exacerbate this.

Town centre planning feedback

  • The town centre does not function well due to traffic and built-form issues.
  • The community would support a redevelopment of Karori Mall and Mobil petrol station.
  • The community would support a greater and more diverse town centre, given Karori is a large suburb.
  • The number and diversity of shops available is good for basic needs and services.
  • Access to the centre is good including walking and public transport. However car parking is an issue.
  • There is a good existing community atmosphere.
  • Infrastructure, specifically roading and traffic, are a concern. Improvements to Karori Road, additional car parking and alternative transport methods and routes are required.


Summary of Feedback on Housing Choice and Town Centre Planning for Karori, March to April, 2015 (104KB PDF)

A copy of all submissions is available on request to: