Housing choice & town centre planning

We need to make sure there is enough quality housing for the expected population growth and that the type of houses we're building suits the city's changing demographics. Our local town centres need to support this growth and attract shoppers, businesses and residents.

2-storey housing.

There's growing demand for lower maintenance properties

Future needs

We are looking at Wellington’s future housing needs to make sure there is:

  • enough good quality housing - we will need about 21,400 additional homes by 2043
  • a range of housing types that meet Wellingtonians' changing needs and preferences, such as aging in place, lower maintenance properties, and smaller households.
  • good access to town centres and public transport
  • high quality local facilities, shops and services.

The Council has a responsibility to give the community what it needs and to make it possible for a variety of housing types to be developed. To achieve this, we are proposing to encourage more medium-density housing to be built in areas that can support high-quality developments.

To make sure these areas continue to be suitable for more housing, the Council is also running a town centre planning programme. This will involve the local communities and identify important local issues as well as opportunities for change. It will provide a vision for the town centre and an action plan to achieve this vision.

Successful medium-density development criteria

Several Wellington suburbs (Newlands, Tawa, Khandallah, Karori and Island Bay) have the important criteria that support successful medium-density housing development. These are:

  • a town centre with shopping, services and local employment
  • good access to public transport networks
  • room for new residential development
  • good access to community facilities, schools and open spaces
  • commercially viable options for developers to produce residential developments at an affordable price.