Hataitai intersection

We're recommending a mountable roundabout at a busy four-way intersection in Hataitai Village to address pedestrian safety concerns raised by the community.

Hataitai's main intersection.

About the project

The Hataitai community raised concerns about the safety of the intersection of Moxham Avenue, Waitoa Road and Hataitai Road following a number of reported crashes and near misses.

Based on community feedback from an initial proposal to install traffic lights at this intersection, we have assessed further options and determined that a mountable roundabout is the preferred way forward.

The proposed mountable roundabout will slow traffic with ‘give way’ controls on each approach.

The current zebra crossings would be relocated a short distance away from the intersection to improve pedestrian and vehicle recognition and ensure vehicles are able to safely stop.

This relocation of the zebra crossing would require removing a total of 13 parking spaces that are currently located on the four roads immediately leading into the intersection.

We're exploring opportunities to provide more short-term parking in the wider vicinity of Hataitai village. We are proposing additional P60 time limited parks when the bus stops are not required and an additional three P60 parks on William Street in the current unrestricted angle parks.


Hataitai Intersection – Frequently Asked Questions

Aerial view of Hataitai intersection with a roundabout draft design on top, and text explaining the improvements proposed.
Proposed roundabout design


In September 2018 we sought feedback from the public on a proposal to place traffic lights at this intersection to improve safety – particularly for pedestrians.

We had great engagement with the Hataitai community, with nearly 800 people, businesses and organisations taking the time to provide a submission on the proposed lights – 82% of these being residents.

While more than half of respondents answered ‘yes’ to having experienced, witnessed or being aware of crashes or near misses at the intersection, only 32% supported the installation of traffic lights.

Results of the engagement were published on the Council website in early November 2018 – see Results of engagement questionnaire proposed traffic lights Hataitai intersection (528KB PDF)

Next steps

  • Legalise parking changes, ‘give way’ controls and relocation of zebra crossings through a Traffic Resolution to be presented to Councillors at a Strategy and Policy Committee on 10 December 2020.
  • Feedback on the Traffic Resolution open until Friday 6 November.
  • Develop a detailed design for the construction of the mountable roundabout.
  • Begin construction of the mountable roundabout in April 2021.

How to get involved

All key stakeholders and those who responded to the previous traffic light survey will receive an email notifying them of the proposed roundabout.

If you wish to make a formal comment to the Council on the proposed roundabout, please email hataitai.intersection@wcc.govt.nz