Grey Street Pocket Square

The Council is upgrading the open space known as a pocket square at the intersection of Grey Street and Lambton Quay.

This upgrade will provide a refreshed and more pleasant streetscape that will better reflect the atmosphere of the Wellington’s Golden Mile. 

Grey Street forms the main link between the city and the sea from the Cable Car to Queens Wharf and is home to several upmarket businesses including Hotel Intercontinental and more recently Double Tree Hilton. The street area has become run down lately and needs a refresh to bring some life back into it. 

The work is part of the Council’s ongoing programme to create attractive and people friendly spaces within the CBD with the goal of strengthening community and encouraging support of surrounding businesses. 

What’s being done 

  • Seating, paving and lighting will be updated, and four new deciduous trees will be planted to improve light and reduce dampness during winter months. 
  • Corrective work will be done on the existing water feature. 


There will be no disruptions to traffic. All businesses adjoining the space will remain accessible, and noisy works will cease from 12-2pm. General public will be able to use the open spaces at Midland Park (smokefree) and Post Office Square (smoking permitted). 

Next steps

Construction is taking place from 27 May 2019 and is expected to be completed in mid-September 2019.