Freyberg Pool and Fitness Centre upgrade

We’re upgrading Freyberg Pool and Fitness Centre to make it an even better place to swim and work out.

About the project

We’re making great progress with the upgrades to Freyberg Pool and Fitness Centre.

We have completed the programmed maintenance of the pool and plant and refurbished the changing rooms. Below we outline what is still to come. We thank you for your patience during this time.

  • The main pool and Club Active are now open
  • Both spa pools will be replaced and will be open to the public soon
  • The sauna and steam rooms will be upgraded - date to be confirmed 
  • The lights will be replaced, and a new lift will also be fitted - date to be confirmed
  • The entrance area and reception will be made more functional.

There will be minor disruption to our normal operations, up until the final work is completed. We will update our Facebook page when we have more information.

Impact for Club Active members

While the spa, sauna and steam rooms remain out of action there are still plenty of things you can do with your membership. Spas are available at our other pools, and saunas are available at WRAC and Keith Spry Pools.

Background and context

Every five to six years we close our pool facilities to carry out routine maintenance work on the pool and plant. We are taking this opportunity to make improvements to the facility.

More information

Amy Carter, Community Pools Manager.