Wellington Museum maintenance

In 2015, we worked on a significant maintenance project to improve the Wellington Museum.

Wellington Museum partially covered by wraps as it undergoes renovation work.
Wellington Musuem's new paint job


Wellington Museum is housed in The Bond Store, an 1892 heritage building designed by architect Frederick de Jersey Clere.

In the beginning, the building was a holding warehouse for imported goods held before duty was paid. The head office of the Wellington Harbour Board was upstairs.

By the 1960s the introduction of new cargo handling methods was changing the face of the shipping sector and Wellington’s wharf. By the 1970s the offices were mostly abandoned until the Harbour Board suggested it be converted into a museum highlighting the story of Wellington harbour and its maritime history.

The Wellington Harbour Board Maritime Museum was opened in 1972, and when the Harbour Board wound-up in 1989, most of the building became gallery space. Today Wellington Museum is home to many precious objects that tell the story of our region’s past, present and future.

Work done

Work included exterior paint and plaster renewal, weather-tightness and roofing work.

The new colour-scheme includes blue and red hues, reminiscent of the building’s nautical past. It also highlights the heritage building’s architectural features, making them pop much more than they did with the previous beige colour scheme.