Portico removal project

Contractors completed work on the Portico site in June 2015 to make the civic campus stronger and safer.

Concept of what Civic Square would look like without the Portico
Civic Square without Portico


Built in 1992 as part of the Civic Square redevelopment project, the Portico spans the distance between the Civic Administration Building (CAB) and the Central Library, three storeys above street level housing Council offices, meeting rooms and a staff cafeteria.


In 2012 an engineering assessment deemed the structure unsafe in an earthquake and in June 2013 the Council decided to remove the Portico and not replace it.

After the July 2013 earthquake, the work plan was brought forward and phase one of the project began with closing and decommissioning Portico.

The structure also affects CAB’s earthquake-prone status and once it’s removed CAB is expected to no longer be deemed earthquake-prone.

Building materials

Around 90% of the Portico materials, including steel, concrete and glass, were able to be recycled.


The project completed in June 2015.