Oriental Bay band rotunda strengthening

We are working to strengthen the Band Rotunda between April and June 2015 to make this civic building stronger and safer.


To learn about the building's history, see: Art Deco Heritage Trail - Oriental Bay Rotunda

Currently, the Blue Water Bar and Grill occupies the top floor of the building, and the Oriental Bay Tenant’s Association are the only organisation that uses the meeting room on the ground floor.

Current state of the building

The building has a reinforced concrete slab floor and walls and much of it is pretty solid.

Only the inter-tenancy floor requires work.

Work plan

A building consent has been obtained. The construction work is being done by [link to contractor]

While the Oriental Bay Tenant’s Association has been relocated, the restaurant will remain open during construction.  

Strengthening work


Accessibility work


Fire safety work


Project time frame

The project is expected to finish in mid-June. Work hours are Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm.