Brooklyn Hub

Brooklyn community meeting.

Brooklyn community meeting

About the project

The Kaka Project is a community-based planning project in Brooklyn, and the Brooklyn Hub work is one of its sub-projects. The Brooklyn Hub idea was created from the feedback received during the Kaka Project engagement in 2014-15 which found that community may be interested in a 'hub' – whether that be a single facility or a linking of services.

It is a community-based project looking at the possibility of having a single multi-purpose community building (or 'hub') in Brooklyn village. 

The Brooklyn Hub Steering Group is leading the project. The Steering Group consists of representatives from the Ministry of Education, Brooklyn School, Brooklyn Community Association and the Wellington City Council. The Steering Group were tasked with creating a design brief (325KB PDF) to look at the possibility of a hub in Brooklyn village, and that brief was then used to commission a feasibility study.

The Brooklyn Hub feasibility study (5.7MB PDF) asked, “Is a hub possible?” and explored whether a single multi-purpose community building could be accommodated in Brooklyn village. Two sites met the size and proximity requirements and were investigated in the report: Brooklyn School grounds and the Brooklyn Community Centre site. The community building explored in the report included:

  • a new hall/gym
  • the library
  • services currently offered from the Brooklyn Community Centre. 

While the answer to a hub being possible in Brooklyn is “yes”, it is not without significant planning, traffic and cost issues. These need to be weighed up against the real benefits to the community.

What’s happening?

A community meeting held in May 2016 was the first opportunity for the community to discuss and identify the critical questions that must be answered during the next phase of this work. There will be more opportunities for the community to have their say in the near future.

Getting updates

To keep up to date on this project, please email and ask to be added to the mailing list. Updates for the project are also printed regularly in the Brooklyn Tattler.

Time frames

15 June 2016
BHSG reports back to Council on the Brooklyn Hub project
29 May 2016
Community meeting on the feasibility report
May 2016
Report Version 2 for the Brooklyn Hub received by BHSG. Mike Evans DGSE meets with BHSG to talk through the Report. Community discussion initiated. Final version of the Report completed ready for public viewing.
April 2016
Rough order of cost reports by Maltbys. Version 1 of the feasibility study is issued to BHSG for input. Initial feedback provided to DGSE
March-April 2016
DGSE carries out the contracted work for the WCC/BHSG. 
March 2016
Project initiation meeting held. Geotechnical Report, ENGEO, drafted. Brooklyn School Masterplan Existing Services and Infrastructure Report supplied to DGSE.
Jan 2016
DGSE appointed.
Dec 2015
TBIG ran a procurement process with Brooklyn School, MoE and WCC involvement to bring on Design Group Stapleton Elliott (DGSE) as the professionals best suited to carry out the feasibility study.
Oct-Nov 2015
Contract discussion between WCC and The Business Intelligence Group (TBIG). BHSG agreed that the brief that had been created provided sufficient information for a feasibility study which could then be discussed by all stakeholders, including the community, as the Brooklyn Hub project progressed.
Oct 2015
BHSG notes the synergies with the Ministry of Education’s contract with The Building Intelligence Group to deliver a master plan for the Brooklyn School. BHSG made the critical decision to append the BHSG brief to the TBIG/MoE/Brooklyn School project as both projects were considering an on school site for a school hall/gym. BCA supported this decision on behalf the Brooklyn community it represents.
July – Oct 2015
BHSG analysed Kaka Project feedback, gathered relevant demographic information about our community and drafted a brief to procure services to look at options for a hub in Brooklyn.
July 2015
Brooklyn Hub Steering Group (BHSG) formed. Terms of Reference created.
April 2015
Kaka Project Steering Group presents to Council as part of the Long Term Plan process and receives funding to deliver a feasibility study.
Kaka Project engagement with the community.