Breaker Bay seawall

We have built a seawall along a section of Breaker Bay Road to protect the road, footpaths and nearby properties.


This work was necessary as the intensity and number of storms in recent years has placed increased pressure on Wellington's South Coast. A seawall will help to future proof this part of the city. 

Resource Consent for the proposed seawall construction at Breaker Bay was approved and the contract awarded to Mills Albert Ltd.

Planned work

The planned work included:

  • constructing a new rock seawall
  • installing timber plant boxes on the inland side of the rock seawall.

The new rock seawall extends along the coast from 160-171 Breaker Bay Road. This section has been identified as most vulnerable as there is little protection between the coast and the road.

The seawall was constructed out of 2,300 tonnes of oversized rocks from the Wiremu Rd Quarry, Mt Taranaki, and 580 tonnes of underlying rock from Kiwi Point Quarry in Wellington.

This work is one part of a larger scope of work that has been undertaken along our south coast.


The timeframe for the work was:

  • Mills Albert Ltd started establishing site from Monday 18 January, including the delivery/stockpiling of rock
  • The construction works started Tuesday 2 February with the site preparation works
  • The work ended in June 2016.