Alex Moore Park Redevelopment

It is proposed that a new sports hub building is constructed to replace the existing clubrooms. The Council has been working with clubs based at Alex Moore Park, represented by Alex Moore Sport & Community inc, since 2007.

Work stages

The Alex Moore Park redevelopment has two main stages.

Stage 1 – Artificial sportsfield and perimeter walkway (completed)

Stage 2 – A sports hub building to replace the existing clubrooms

  • Following a report to Council on 3 May 2018. The Council has been undertaking further planning work on this project in conjunction with Alex Moore Park Sport & Community Inc and the partner clubs.
  • An independent facilitator is assisting with this planning.
  • The goal is to develop a sports hub building on the middle field of Alex Moore Park. 
  • The Council will own and manage this building. 
  • The existing sports club buildings require significant maintenance work and do not meet the needs of the sports clubs.
  • Alex Moore Park Sport & Community Inc is in the process of fundraising $2M towards the building cost.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding in regards to the hub project was signed between the following clubs/groups in September 2018:
    • North Wellington Junior Football Club
    • North Wellington (Senior) Football Club
    • Johnsonville Cricket Club
    • Olympic Harriers and Athletic Club
    • Wellington Deaf Society
    • Johnsonville Rugby Football Club
  • Design work is underway for a proposed new sports hub building at the park (Sept 2018)


Contamination issues

Following a detailed site investigation a report has been released identifying soil contamination at the site. We believe this was due to the park being used as a landfill by the United States military during their occupation of the site during WWII. The refuse material appears to be of a domestic type which does not present any discernible risk to park users or neighbours. We are closely monitoring the site and will continue to assess recommendations from the report. A geotechnical and environmental study of the proposed new sports hub site is underway (Sept 2018).

Alex Moore Park Sport and Community Board

The Board formed in 2010 and has been developing plans, designs and reviewing options for the park in close consultation with the people who live in this area and the Council. For objectives and details see:

Alex Moore Park Sport and Community Inc

More information

Glenn McGovern
Sports & Club Partnership Leader, Wellington City Council

Phone: (04) 803 8157

Hadyn Smith
Chairman, Alex Moore Park Sport and Community Board

Phone: 022 108 8928