Alex Moore Park redevelopment

A sports hub building to replace the existing clubrooms.

Computer generated artist's impression of proposed Alex Moore park clubrooms.

We’ve partnered with Alex Moore Park Sport and Community Incorporation (the Society) to construct a new Sport Hub Facility on the upper field at Alex Moore Park. 


The Council has been working with clubs based at Alex Moore Park, represented by the Society on a significant redevelopment of the existing clubroom facilities at the Park. 

This has led to an exciting community project, which will see the establishment of a sport, community and recreational hub at Alex Moore Park.


The Council will lead the development of the fit-for-purpose, modern, future-proofed Hub Facilities, including directly arranging and funding the design and construction of the Hub Facilities, which will be owned by the Council. 

The Society has been coordinating and managing the input, feedback and decision-making from the clubs and will contribute to the redevelopment costs for which they are in the process of fundraising for Armstrong Downes has been awarded the contract for construction of the Hub Facilities. 

The new facilities

The new facilities will consist of the following features:

  • Shared open club social space
  • Kitchen and bar facilities
  • Meeting room
  • Storage space
  • Changing rooms
  • Cricket scorers room

Construction timeline

Construction will begin in March 2020 and is expected to be completed in February 2021.

  • Demolition of Johnsonville Cricket Clubrooms and Olympic Harrier Clubrooms (May)
  • Storm water pipelining (April – May)
  • Construction (March 2020 – February 2021)

Founding Alex Moore Park Sport and Community Incorporated Clubs

  • North Wellington Junior Football Club
  • North Wellington (Senior) Football Club
  • Johnsonville Cricket Club
  • Olympic Harriers and Athletic Club
  • Wellington Deaf Society
  • Johnsonville Rugby Football Club

A Memorandum of Understanding in regards to the hub project was signed by these groups in November 2018. 


Contamination issues (updated 30 November 2018)

Following a detailed site investigation, a report was  released in November 2018 identifying soil contamination at the site. We believe this was due to the park being used as a landfill by the United States military during their occupation of the site during WWII. The refuse material appears to be of a domestic type which does not present any discernible risk to park users or neighbours. We are closely monitoring the site and will continue to assess recommendations from the report.

A soil resistivity investigation was undertaken by Aurecon in conjunction with Victoria University of Wellington in November 2018. The testing did not detect any layers of landfill material near the proposed sports hub site. Because the testing results were not 100% conclusive, further contamination testing will be undertaken by Aurecon.

More information

Lauren Joyce
Sports & Club Partnership Leader, Wellington City Council
Phone: 04 499 4444