Growth and development strategies, plans and policies

We have several strategies, plans and policies in place to guide Wellington City's growth and development.


The Council has several long-term strategies that guide the city's growth and development:

  • Wellington Towards 2040: Smart Capital - sets an overarching vision to guide the development of the city over the next 30 years.
    Projects - Wellington Towards 2040: Smart Capital
  • Wellington Urban Growth Plan - is the Council’s strategy for managing the city’s growth over the next 30 years. Our plan ensures that as the city’s population increases, new houses, transport networks, infrastructure, and services are developed sustainably and in areas that benefit the city the most so that residents continue to enjoy a world-class quality of life.
    Plans and Policies - Wellington Urban Growth Plan 2014-43
  • Housing Strategy - this sets out our approach to addressing the city’s housing challenges and meeting our vision: "All Wellingtonians well housed".
    Housing Strategy

Plans and policies

The Council also has plans and policies that provide an integrated approach towards planning for Wellington's growth needs. These include:

  • Centres Policy - a framework to guide the development and management of the city's network of centres.
    Centres Policy
  • Centre Plans - specific place-based plans developed for the city's key growth areas and major centres including, for example, the central city, Johnsonville, Kilbirnie and Adelaide Road.
  • District Plan - regulatory framework for managing land use in Wellington city through the use of zones.
    District Plan
  • Waterfront Framework - guides the development of the city's central waterfront area into a world-class waterfront.
    Waterfront Framework
  • Waterfront Design Guides:
  • Northern Growth Management Framework - directs future development of areas north of Wellington, from Johnsonville and Churton Park north to Tawa, Grenada North and Takapu Valley.
    Northern Growth Management
  • Code of Practice for Land Development - provides the minimum standards for infrastructure such as earthworks, roading, water and drainage when developing land.
    Code of Practice for Land Development
  • Long-term Plan - sets out what the Council will be doing over the next 10 years to progress the goals set out in our 2040 vision document.
    Long-term Plan 2012-22