Northern growth management

Wellington City Council is working to manage future development in the northern part of Wellington city - an area that is experiencing pressure for new urban growth. Wellington faces the challenge of encouraging this growth but also managing it so that existing communities and the environment are not damaged.

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The framework

To address the issue of growth in this area, the Council created a growth management plan in 2003. This plan has been called the Northern Growth Management Framework.

The framework provides a vision for Wellington's northern suburbs, ensuring that they continue to develop as liveable, sustainable and prosperous communities. It covers a wide range of initiatives - from road construction to open space development.

The framework has been prepared in partnership with:

  • the communities of the area
  • local business and commercial interests
  • developers
  • other local authorities
  • key infrastructure suppliers for road and rail.


Some of the project's priorities include:

  • revising the Code of Practice for Land Development and the Subdivision Design Guide
  • protecting natural landscape features such as hilltops, ridges, streams and wetlands
  • extending the Newlands skate park
  • developing an area-wide track network for walking, cycling and other recreation
  • connecting Westchester Drive to Middleton Road
  • completing John Sims Drive.

More information

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Senior Spatial Planning Advisor

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