Qualifying development incentives

To be considered as a qualifying development within an SHA, a proposal must meet the minimum number of dwellings or sections for the SHA, be predominately residential, and be no higher than six storeys or 27 metres.

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 We offer incentives for qualifying developments in special housing areas:

  • a one-stop-shop to streamline resource consenting
  • streamlined resource consent processing under the Housing Accords and Special Housing Act (HASHAA)
  • waived pre-application meeting fees
  • investment in key infrastructure and public space improvements, rates remission for greenfield (low-density housing) developments.

Housing Accord project – one stop shop

The Housing Accord project team provides a fully integrated, case-managed process for qualifying developments consent applications with immediate and timely advice from all parties relevant to your proposal.

Streamlined consent processing under HASHAA

We provide a streamlined resource consent process with limited notification on resource consents (only people adjoining the development can be notified if we consider they will be affected) and faster processing time for qualifying development consents.

The limited appeal rights to the Environment Court mean only parties identified as being affected can appeal and only when a development is four storeys or more.

No pre-application meeting fees

Pre-application meetings for qualifying developments are free, making it easier for developers to work with us and refine their proposals up-front at no cost. This enables a smoother process once formal applications are lodged and gives developers significant savings.

Council investment in key infrastructure and public space improvements

We're investing in enhancing environments and centres to boost the attractiveness of SHAs for residential development.

You can find these in our Wellington Urban Growth Plan which explains our principles to sustainably manage the population growth by ensuring that new houses, transport networks, infrastructure and services are provided where needed.

Rates remission for greenfield development

Council has agreed in principle to rates remission for greenfield development, with over 30 lots or dwellings, being deferred for a maximum of two years or until a lot is sold. Changes to the Rates Remission Policy (351KB PDF) are in the draft 2015-25 Long-term Plan.