Library Policy

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This policy replaces Wellington City Council Consolidated Bylaw 1991, Part 13 (Library), which was revoked from 12 April 2000.

Introduction (25KB PDF)

  • What does this policy aim to achieve?
  • Why have a Library Policy?
  • What does the policy contain?
  • What do these words mean?

How Does This Policy Relate to Council's Strategic Direction? (70KB PDF)

  • What is in Our City Our Future?
  • What is in WCC's Strategic Plan?
  • Participation
  • What about other Council strategies?
  • What about the Annual Plan and Funding Policy?
  • What about other Council policies and plans?
  • The role of Wellington City Libraries

The Environment We Work In (24KB PDF)

  • Population changes
  • Recreation/leisure preferences
  • Lifelong learning and information literacy
  • Changing technology
  • Economic development
  • Location factors
  • Government legislation and policy
  • Partnerships
  • Other libraries
  • Community relationship
  • Funding the services

Guiding Principles (20KB PDF)

  • Focusing on needs
  • Being creative, innovative and "cutting edge"
  • Working in partnership
  • Organisational values

What We Will Do (30KB PDF)

  • Implementation and monitoring

References (13KB PDF)