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Matters relating to Wellington City Council’s amendment to the Long Term Council Community Plan 2006/07 – 15/16 (LTCCP) subsequent to Audit New Zealand’s report on page 393 of the LTCCP.

The audit report dated 28 June 2006 relates to the LTCCP for the 10 years commencing 1 July 2006, approved by the City Council on 28 June 2006. Subsequent to this the Council adopted an amendment to its LTCCP on 27 June 2007. The amendment consists of:

  • Crown’s investment in the Council’s social housing portfolio;
  • Changes to Council’s Development Contributions Policy;
  • Changes to Council’s Revenue and Financing Policy; and
  • Consequential changes as a result of these amendments and changes in forecasting assumptions, to Council’s forecast financial statements.

The Council has not republished its LTCCP and has instead issued this supplement to outline the amendment. The full LTCCP should therefore be read in conjunction with this supplement.

There is no legislative requirement for Audit NZ to report on the adopted amendment and they have not done so.

Matters relating to the electronic presentation of the report to the readers of the Long Term Council Community Plan

This audit report relates to the Wellington City Council’s LTCCP for the ten years commencing 1 July 2006 which was approved by City Council on 28 June 2006 and included on Wellington City Council’s website. The City Council is responsible for the maintenance and integrity of the Wellington City Council’s website. Audit NZ has not been engaged to report on the integrity of the Wellington City Council’s website. Audit NZ accepts no responsibility for any changes that may have occurred to the LTCCP since it was initially presented on the website.

The audit report refers only to the LTCCP named above. It does not provide an opinion on any other information which may have been hyperlinked to/from the LTCCP, including the adopted amendment to the LTCCP published by the City Council and which has not been incorporated with the content of the LTCCP to which this report relates. If readers of this report are concerned with the inherent risks arising from electronic data communication they should refer to the published hard copy of the LTCCP incorporating volumes 1 and 2 approved on 28 June 2006 and the related audit report dated 28 June 2006 to confirm the information included in the LTCCP presented on this website.

The preparation and dissemination of the LTCCP is governed by New Zealand legislation.

Amendment to Long Term Council Community Plan (491KB PDF)

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