Annual Plan 2019/20

Annual plans are how we deliver our Long-term Plans (LTPs). They identify our activities, the resources to deliver them and where the resources will come from, for example rates or user charges.

Long-term Plans are reviewed every three years and Annual Plans are reviewed and set in the intervening years.

Draft Annual Plan 2019/20

Last year we did a comprehensive review of our work programme and set in place an ambitious 10-Year Plan that focused on achieving our five key priority areas:

  • Resilience and the Environment
  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Arts and Culture.

The Annual Plan for 2019/20 is year two of the 10-Year Plan. It is the blueprint for how we intend to invest over the next year. However things can change and this is an opportunity to highlight what has changed, what is on track and provide an update of key future projects.

We asked the public for their feedback from 8 April - 8 May. 

Annual Plan 2019/20 website

Annual Plan 2019/20 consultation document (PDF 2255KB)

Next steps

  • 23 May Oral hearings
  • 6 June Council deliberations