An overview of what the District Plan covers, its key objectives, and reviews to improve its effectiveness.

District Plan objectives

The key objectives of the District Plan are to:

  • generally contain development within the established edges of the city
  • maintain and enhance the quality and vitality of the central city
  • encourage more intensive development within existing residential areas
  • maintain a pleasant living environment in residential areas
  • encourage non-residential activities (such as schools and shops) which are easily accessible from residential areas
  • protect and enhance special character and heritage areas
  • improve the quality of multi-unit housing
  • improve the quality of subdivision design and development.

The Plan's three volumes

  • Volume 1: Objectives, Policies and Rules - covers each geographic area specified in the plan, including descriptions of each area's character.
  • Volume 2: Design Guides - offers guidelines for developments of particular types (such as multi-unit housing) or on particular sites (such as within institutional precincts or specific character areas). This volume also contains suggested guidelines relating to design against crime and wind.
  • Volume 3: Maps - specifies the areas within the city where particular policies or rules apply.

Using the District Plan

You can see printed copies of the District Plan at the Council Service Centre and at all Wellington city public libraries.

District Plan review

The Council is required to review its District Plan every 10 years. We are doing a rolling review, which means the plan is reviewed on a chapter by chapter basis.

It is important to understand how well the existing provisions of the District Plan are working. Two summary reports on the plan's effectiveness have been prepared, see:

Effectiveness Monitoring

The chapters of the District Plan covering Heritage, the Central Area, Rural Areas, Residential Areas, and Suburban Centres have all had a full review. The Council is currently considering how best to review the remaining parts of the plan. 

For the latest reports on the District Plan review see:

Report to Strategy and Policy Committee - 22.08.13 (78KB PDF)
Report to Strategy and Policy Committee - 16.02.12 (83KB PDF)

More information

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