Effectiveness monitoring

The Council is required by the Resource Management Act to monitor the effectiveness of provisions in the District Plan.

Monitoring helps to provide good quality information about how well certain policies and rules are working. Regular monitoring can also help to identify emerging issues, which may prompt the Council to look at whether the District Plan should be updated to address these issues. 

The information we have gained from carrying out a variety of monitoring activities is summarised in two reports:


Shaping Up 2013: District Plan Monitoring and Research Report (1.2MB PDF)

This report summarises monitoring activities relating to residential development and land availability, heritage and city resilience, open space and conservation areas, sites used by the hospitals and the two universities, the airport, and tangata whenua District Plan provisions.

It also summarises key considerations for the Council in developing future District Plan changes, for example, upcoming legislative change, regional planning collaborative activities, and initiatives to make the Plan more user-friendly.

Shaping Up 2006: District Plan Effectiveness Report (971KB PDF)

The first monitoring report mainly focused on understanding how well the built environment provisions of the District Plan were working. Topics summarised in this report include urban growth and development, urban design and residential amenity, heritage protection, noise environment, and mixed use activities. Several changes to the plan were carried out in response to the findings from these monitoring activities.